Welcome to LayerAI

LayerAI is the dedicated blockchain network for data monetization within AI models.
LayerAI functions as a sophisticated ecosystem strategically crafted to expedite the rise of the data economy. It aims to do so through the utilization of cutting-edge advancements in both web2 and web3, along with the integration of a tokenized economic framework.
The LayerAI ecosystem empowers individuals to step into a transformative epoch where they can own, control, and capitalize on their most substantial digital asset – Data.

At a glance: the components of the LayerAI ecosystem

  • zkRollup Layer-2 blockchain network, built with PolygonCDK
  • LayerVPN, a VPN built to function as a node
  • KyotoX, a decentralized exchange and lending platform for AI projects
  • Layer Marketplace, the NFT marketplace to transact Data Capsule NFTs
  • LayerAI App, a data economy app to purchase/sell Data Capsule NFTs and collect rewards
LayerAI ecosystem establishes data as an emerging asset class to contribute to a trillion dollar global data & AI economy.
Last modified 3mo ago