Data Capsule NFT

Data Capsules are NFTs that allow to monetize your behavioral data. AI Capsules represent your dataset, acquired from your activity browsing on the Internet.

After minting the capsules, you will enter AI2Earn from browsing by offering your data for monetization.

Data Capsules are unique on-chain NFTs that store your activity data. AI algorithms need your data. Currently, big tech firms monetize this to become trillion-dollar corporations. The LayerAI ecosystem lets you build your data capsule so AI development requests can use it – only with your permission, and for the amount of money you want.

Data Capsules are defined by their earning capacity, longevity, and other characteristics, which dictate their effectiveness in earning DATUM reward tokens. In this way, their fair market value cna be more accurately determined by ecosystem participants, that can transact Data Capsule NFT on the Layer Marketplace.

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