Layer Marketplace

Layer Marketplace is the native NFT Marketplace on LayerAI, where users can transact Data Capsule NFTs.

Data Capsules enable earning from contributing data to the ecosystem. As NFTs, Data Capsules are traded on the Layer Marketplace.

Layer Marketplace is the gateway for retail users to earn by browsing. It allows to buy and sell data capsules - that allow to monetize your behavioral data.

This is where we meet and onboard new users to set them up to thrive in the LayerAI ecosystem.

Layer Marketplace has two distinct user experiences - for existing (experienced) and new (retail) community members. New users will enter the ecosystem by buying a Data Capsule from pre-existing users.

Layer Marketplace will act as a complete user on-ramp: from choosing & acquiring your Data Capsule to earning within our network.

A mobile experience: fit for the masses, destined for mainstream adoption, with the added incentive of attracting users via 2-earn.

Upon deployment, Layer Marketplace offers secondary market liquidity for pre-existing users: where retail audience can buy Data Capsules from existing community members to enter AI2Earn.

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