DATUM token is a reward token, allocated to the users that are contributing to the network by using LayerVPN and have equipped Data Capsule NFT.

The more Data Capsules are equipped, the higher earning capacity is alloted to the user, and the more reward tokens can be earned.

The reward token is a core piece of the AI2Earn economy, as it acts as a growth mechanic that attracts ecosystem participants. The system functions in the following way:

  • User downloads LayerVPN app and pairs it with the LayerAI Economy App

  • User purchases or otherwise acquires Data Capsule NFT(s)

  • User browses the Internet using LayerVPN and contributes behavioral data to the network

  • Contributed data is development into an advanced data asset

  • AI development requests can use the advanced data asset in AI models, which captures the value locked in data as an important AI commodity

  • The obtained value is distributed to the ecosystem validators - users that are contributing data, via a reward token DATUM

  • Users receive DATUM within the LayerAI Economy App

DATUM is expected to be natively listed on KyotoX, among other exchanges.

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