LAI Token

The LAI token is the first of its kind multi-value gas token. It has necessary demand as fuel for network transactions. It is topped up with value funnels from validator staking, cash flow from Core products, and power of fee treasury which can be deployed for liquidity events like buy backs, burns, and/or expanded yield.

As the first of its kind multi-value native asset, LAI tokens have ecosystem value beyond gas. The tokens can be staked or held for a variety of powerful utilities.

  • Discounts. LAI token stakers can unlock discounts across a variety of ecosystem products, particularly the LAI Data Market. This utility has the potential to drive mass distribution, with each participant in the ecosystem having a serious incentive to lock up LAI.

  • Liquidity. As the native asset of the ecosystem and unstoppable decentralized gas token, LAI cannot be censored, making it a powerful money for the data economy it builds. Data miners and buyers transacting in LAI have the benefit of immediate liquidity and forego the fees of having to trade in/out of other money.

  • Network Validation. LAI token stakers lock up their position to validate the network. These can be delegated as well. The ecosystem nodes in turn earn a portion of block rewards, which mature to be sustained by network transaction fees.

The $LAI token economy is rich in liquidity funnels. The community DAO is fed a % of the ecosystem fees. The DAO reserves the ability to vote $LAI token burns with these fees. The calculator below helps estimate the burns possible from purely the app launcher, as insight into token projections. It’s important to note there’s many other liquidity funnels, like capsule fees, staking slashing, Core app fees, etc.

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