Global Data Marketplace

There are several major problems in the current global data landscape. Mainly, data lacks sufficient detail, is compromised, incomplete or too narrow in its scope.

Thereby, current monetization models revolve around pay-per-click, lead generation, and other ways - all of which are limited by the quality of the data that can be generated.

The opportunity to create advanced data assets would allow for a massively expanded total addressable market. Namely, previous data monetization attempts mostly fail to acknowledge the data's potential as the main component for AI models.

2023 marked a breakthrough in direct-to-consumer AI applications, yet vast potential also lies in commercial applications, such as in healthcare, logistics, chemistry, industrial manufacturing, and other industries.

The ability to gather high-quality and advanced data can be monetized in a lucrative way, thanks to the additional value new AI models over the upcoming decade.

Data is the necessary commodity needed to start, build, and perfect the training of new generation of commercial AI models. For that, LayerAI aims to build advanced data assets, specific to the usecases of AI.

Accurate AI models cannot exist without relying on millions of data points. Our invention allows any business, academia, government, or a person to build AI models with vast data collected by LayerAI.

LayerAI aims to create advanced data assets that can be deployed across multiple AI models at the same time. Within the current state of the market, there exists a market opportunity to create a digital blockchain-based global data marketplace.

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