KyotoX DeFi Hub

KyotoX is the DeFi Layer inside LayerAI that functions as a decentralized finance hub. This makes it the go-to financial product for every tokenized AI startup that achieves scale.

KyotoX can be accessed via:

Core components of KyotoX Hub:

  • Decentralized Exchange for AI-oriented tokens. It currently supports ERC-20 standard tokens, but will implement LayerAI network upon its mainnet release.

  • Lending market for AI-oriented tokens. Major assets in the AI subcategory can be used as a collateral to take out loans in a decentralized and permissionless manner.

  • LP & Vesting tool for AI communities. An important component of sustainable web3 ecosystems that allows to independently verify & ensure the timely vesting of assets.

  • Decentralized launchpad. New AI developments with integrated web3 economic models can access KyotoX launchpad to conduct sales of their native assets.

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