Shifting Global Market

Data is set to become an asset class that powers the AI revolution. The increasing demand for high quality data to improve AI models is likely to lead to new companies creating a lot of value in the global data market.

Big Tech players - Meta, Google, Amazon and others - already created trillions in value from collecting and selling user data that the users never directly benefitted from. Building a decentralized solution where users choose to productize and earn from their data opens untapped sources of income.

Currently, the major players in Big Data act as middlemen, creating obstacles in ecosystems and frequently viewing individuals merely as assets to exploit. The responsibility for user data is still held by the companies that gather it. In many cases, individuals are overlooked when the value generated by their data is shared – they are largely excluded from benefiting from this digital commodity. Empowering individuals to actively participate in the Digital Economy hinges on them having ownership and control over their own data. Shifting the prevailing approach to Big Data from monopolization to decentralization is crucial, ensuring that users receive the value they deserve. Blockchain technology has emerged to benefit the global economy by cutting out middlemen and empowering individuals to transact without friction. Despite progress in this direction, widespread adoption is hindered by the lack of easy access. Accessibility stands as the primary obstacle to the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the development of a truly decentralized market.

A straightforward entry point that overcomes accessibility challenges while encouraging a gradual shift in behavior toward cryptocurrency adoption has not yet emerged. LayerAI's goal is to make the Digital Economy reachable, removing existing barriers that hinder widespread adoption.

As we navigate through the era of digital transformation, a significant change in direction is underway. The global pandemic has triggered a rapid surge in the adoption of digital technologies. However, for the majority of people, the capability to engage in digital assets without intermediaries or excessive fees has not materialized. While individuals now assert ownership of their previously unrecognized value, they still face challenges in monetizing that value through digital channels and completing a seamless cycle of direct value exchange.

LayerAI's goal is to create a smooth ecosystem that empowers users to actively participate in the Data Economy.

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