ZK Layer-2 Network

LayerAI builds its own zero-knowledge layer-2 network on top of Ethereum, using a low-cost, secure, safe, and private zkRollup technology to turn data into a valuable asset.

ZK-rollups are a secure method of storing and sharing information online. They are different from other systems because they use trustless cryptographic setups to ensure security. This means that instead of relying on honest validators and sequencers like optimistic rollups, ZK-rollups use special codes to keep information safe.

ZK-rollups use validity proofs to authenticate off-chain transactions. This helps prevent operators from making incorrect changes to the Ethereum state. With these proofs, ZK-rollups can update the state of their host Layer-1 blockchains by storing compressed transaction data on-chain. This helps ensure security, decentralization, and resistance to censorship.

Another advantage of ZK-rollups is that they are faster than other systems. With ZK-rollups, transaction finality periods are shorter because they only need the blockchain to verify validity proofs submitted by the sequencers. This means that withdrawal delays are minimal and there is greater capital efficiency for users. 

ZK-rollups are also more cost-effective than other systems. They use excellent data compression techniques, which reduces the cost of publishing data on-chain. This results in lower fees for users.

Finally, ZK-rollups do not require users to validate the blockchain to protect their assets. This is because they do not depend on liveness assumptions. Unlike some sidechains and scaling solutions, ZK-rollups do not require extra work from users to ensure the safety of their information.

Advantages of our ZK Layer-2

Scalable Layer-2

LayerAI is a layer-2 that uses zkRollup technology.

The unique EVM-compliance makes the protocol open to massive codebase libraries, enabling easy and rapid onramp of developers and users.

Truly Distributed

LayerAI is carefully designed to be a network uncontrollable by centralized influence. The mining model and security align with activity. ‍ #ProofOfActivity ensures the network’s security increases in parallel to adoption.

Totally Limitless Immensely scalable, ultra low-cost transactions combine with empowering infrastructure – data capsules, AI tooling, pluggable earn launcher – to create a blockchain that can expand the abilities of the global economy with the economics of AI.

LayerAI ZK Layer-2 is utilizing Polygon's CDK as the backend infrastructure to guarantee correct execution, uptime, and scalability of the network.

Building in this way allows LayerAI to rely on a tested ecosystem and drastically lower the time needed to deploy, test, maintain, and release our blockchain.

Read more on the Polygon CDK.

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